7 Reasons a new website will grow your business

1. New technology and marketing methods

With the pace of change in the digital world, there has never been a better time to drive business goals online. A well-planned website should be the centrepiece of your digital strategy, taking into account your customers journey and utilising a conversion funnel.

To grow your business with a new website in 2021, you will need to tick off the following checklist:

  • Have a conversion strategy to drive outcomes
  • Use striking visual communication to convey your value proposition
  • Utilising well placed and structured call to actions
  • Take into account mobile users and how they interact with your business (some websites have more mobile users than desktop)
  • Have a clear SEO strategy that will drive qualified traffic to your websites
  • Have landing pages for your digital marketing efforts
  • Analise your website usage reports and fine-tune to maximize your conversions

Website Design methods constantly evolve and are driven by what works and what does not work for converting website users into clients, leads or measurable objectives of a website.

Using striking visual communication with short text headlines will convey your value proposition in the shortest time possible, which is very important in the age of shrinking attention spans. In fact if your website cannot instantly communicate your value proposition and use call to actions then it is failing miserably. Taking into account the average attention span on websites is several seconds, this is a critical factor and backing it up with an exceptional user experience is even more important.

2. It gives your customers what they need

A website created in 2020 needs to take into account your customers journey and align it to your website user experience and design. This is done through a process of analysing your current website and understanding how your business functions, creating measurable goals then incorporating them into a cross-platform website design process.

3. It raises the value of your business

Everyone in this day and age will judge your business based upon your websites value proposition. Your website will determine if your business looks modern and innovative, or stale and backward.

Using the latest visual, marketing and development methods to create your website will position your business for growth and raise the value of your business.

4. Mobile first needs to be a priority

With the majority of website traffic now being on mobile devices, a mobile optimised website was a must have years ago. The difference now is the website design process needs to take into account the individual needs of a mobile user as opposed to a user on a desktop or tablet. Giving the mobile user the functionalities they need straight away, without having to search for them is paramount in a good user experience.

Things like click to call, which allows a user to call your business straight from their phone are obvious, as well as a location button that shows where your business is located on a map are starting points. Working through and identifying the individual needs of your audience and incorporating these into a new site will improve the website conversion rate and help the customer journey.

mobile internet use

Source: Stone Temple

5. The latest SEO best practices produce results

New websites should incorporate the latest SEO best practices to lay a solid foundation for future SEO campaigns that can expand your market by targeting local, national or international locations. A first page Google search result for at least one competitive search term, in a local location should be expected for most industries with a new website if it has been SEO optimised.

6. An easy to use CMS saves time and offers integration

Word Press is the leading content management system because of its ease of use and massive following that helps it continuously evolve. Whilst there are times when a business may need a custom content management system, WordPress covers the needs of most businesses and when developed properly allows for a scalable website that can be easily managed and grow with your business.

WordPress 29% of the entire internet!

Due to the community that continually evolves the platform, a broad set of integrating options are available that help you get the most out of the system.

7. Showcase your social side

Gone are the days of a Facebook like button or ugly widgets. Social media feeds should be integrated directly into your website design to allow for showcasing new and dynamic content. Whilst each social channel has a different objective and viewer demographics, a social feed can combine Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any other social channel you are active on to unify your social presence on your website and help drive social traffic and grow your brand.

Social Media statistics 2018

Source: Sensis – Social Media Report 2018

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